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cPanel as a Service

  • one click install
  • hourly billing
  • automatic license activation

Cloud hosting with ISPmanager 5 for free!

Deploy in one-click a cloud environment with ISPmanager 5 Lite Control Panel.
License for ISPmanager 5 Lite is free! You save up to 4 euro per month!

Backup and disaster recovery

Backup and disaster recovery - R1Soft

R1Soft technology allows you to implement Backup as a Service via incremental backups – it provides a backup of files that have changed or are new since the last backup. R1soft is copying data on the block level, which significantly reduces backup time and server resource utilization.

R1Soft technology guarantees:

  • Data integrity
  • High performance and speed when executing backups
  • Full file backup that are open in real time
  • Accurate database backups for MSSQL, MySQL without interruption
  • Full operation system support for Windows and Linux
  • Data backup from and to physical and virtual servers

R1soft has a fully functional client-focused interface which allows to simultaneously monitor multiple servers and multiple backup instances. You have high flexibility in setting up frequency of backups, restore points and duration of backup storage, which gives you a very efficient way of managing your backups. Users are given a multilevel management access panel which allows granular access for third parties – this gives a hosting provider higher level of self-service backup and restore delegation.

R1soft also fully supports BMR (bare metal restore) capability, which gives you an ability to fully restore a server in cases when h/w is completely destroyed/failed.