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MIRhosting Cloud

Next generation DevOps PaaS

Simple solution to host any application in the cloud throughout all life cycle stages

  • Over 250 applications and 15000+ Docker templates ready for one click install
  • Granular resource consumption management with horizontal and vertical scaling for peak hours
  • Out of the box versions of Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, etc
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5-star-rated member of the Jelastic Cloud Union

Solutions that fit your needs

Automate any application maintenance task and expand platform functionality with MIRhosting API.

MIRhosting cloud is a true new generation hosting option. An unprecedented level of flexibility and automation. Deploy and manage applications with intuitive dashboard. Combine it with API to orchestrate templates and Docker containers.


We only use tier 1 vendors for our infrastructure needs in all 5 of our data centers in the Netherlands, USA and Russia. A redundant fiber path connects all locations in the Netherlands, USA and Russia. The combined bandwidth for throughput of external connections is over 1 Tb/sec.


To protect the customer, we've deployed multi-layer data security system: physical layer (only certified Tier 3 data centers), network layer (DDoS protection, application level protection – levels 3, 4, 7), legal support (services contract, GDPR compliance, SLAs for all locations EU, USA, RU), full personal data confidentiality and protection compliance, functional security (full client isolation, encryption, secured tunneling services, VPNs).


Deploy any test environment without limitations and without hardware/software commitment.

Test MIRhosting cloud:

  • autoscaling and clustering
  • daily backups
  • resource management
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Management Dashboard

Explore the ease of the cloud setup for common tasks. Try it — it’s simple!


Start the clock!

Steps to deploy an application from the git-repository

Time savings with MIRhosting PaaS

From 3 to 5 minutes to create an environment with a web server, application server with relevant software – all from the single pane of glass window.

5 minutes in total
Conventional IaaS
  • 2 minutes to create a virtual machine with selected OS

  • 3 minutes to log into the VM, update the OS and to deploy git

  • 3 minutes to deploy web server (Apache, Nginx, etc)

  • 3-15 minutes to deploy application stack/language (PHP, Tomcat, Ruby, etc)

  • 3 minutes to deploy database server (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc)

  • 3-15 minutes to deploy additional software (Redis, Memcache, etc)

  • 15 to 45 minutes to configure installed components (PHP/Nginx integration)

Almost an hour in total
Now you can deploy an application from git-repository in 2 minutes
20-70 minutes

Your time savings with MIRhosting PaaS

Up to 70%

DevOps productivity improvement

Up to 50%

Total cost savings (TCO)

How does it work?

Guaranteed SLA uptime up to 99.99% with proprietary technical expertise and constant infrastructure/services upgrades. Three-tiered managed technical support 24x7x365.

Distributed data centers

Each geographic cloud locations is set up across fully independent dual data centers with direct fiber connections. This strategic design assures up to 99,99% uptime for service outages. If one of the data centers goes down, the second one instantly picks up the workload without interruption.


Own equipment and direct connections

We own our infrastructure and networking equipment. With direct connection to Tier 1 providers we reduce the risks and provide specialty custom services. We put strong emphasis on location interconnection. With the best connectivity we deliver lower latency and high throughput for our customers.


Enhanced file/data storage

MIRhosting SDS (Software Defined Storage) – cloud data is stored across three locations simultaneously in binary format for improved fault tolerance and processing performance.


Container virtualization

Container virtualization is the foundation of the cloud platform. The main advantage of containers is full isolation from the OS. Customers get access to homogeneous environment with various modules: database and application servers, programming languages library, load balancers, etc. Each container can be managed automatically or manually to provision resources. Containers can be easily scaled in real time (for example – adding RAM), they are more secure (all critical updates can be applied by our support) if compared to conventional virtual machines.


Horizontal scaling or clusterization

All elements can be orchestrated into a cluster with one click. For example, instead of having a single database, deploy two synchronized DBs distributed across different physical locations (different servers or different data centers). With an open API and CloudScripting our support team can deliver an automatic clusterization of any complexity, which is not possible with conventional virtual machines.

What is the price?

With MIRhosting cloud you only pay for the actually consumed resources. You are billed hourly and resource consumption automatically scales itself to match the actual need.

You can assign and change consumption limits with one click if required within your management dashboard.

What to expect at the end of the month?

Your monthly bill is a direct reflection of the actual resource consumption every hour. It is reasonable to see the bill to run from zero to a sum reflecting a full 100% load for the duration of the month. Check out the calculator below to evaluate an average monthly load for your project and estimate the respective price.

Please review the simplicity
and transparency of the resource management
Do I have to pay for application downtime?
If your application is stopped or idling - CPU, RAM, and traffic resources are not being utilized and respectively you don’t get charged. Disc space and dedicated IP (if assigned) are being billed according to tariffs. This approach saves up to 75% of your costs if compared to traditional pricing method.


Select your peak consumption level and estimate the maximum price per hour in the cloud
Select Platform:
  • 0 Mb
  • 0 MHz
  • 128 Mb
  • 400 MHz
  • 0 Mb
  • 0 MHz
  • Price per hour
  • Monthly cost with 100% constant resource utilization
disk space Free 10GB/hour
  • 10 GB/hour
0.0001 Euro GB/hour
EXTERNAL Traffic Free 10GB/hour
  • 10 GB
0.01 Euro /GB
Public IPv4
  • 0 pc.
0.004 Euro IP/hour
Public IPv6Free 1IPv6
  • 0 pc.
0.001 Euro IPv6/hour

Get a quotation for your cloud needs from MIRhosting:

  • Evaluate your load
  • Get a price
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One stop shop for all your needs


Customized solutions with premium managed support Extended trial provisions, pilot projects, platform trainings, "end to end" project migrations.


Additional hosting services Virtual machines (VPS), dedicated servers, etc.


Domain registration,
Software licensing


Network solutions Client IP propagation, BGP announcement (border gateway protocol)

Customer Testimonials

KROK University

It's been a year since MIRhosting and KROK University started a partnership. A cloud incubator, which was developed with MIRhosting's help and support became a foundation for various areas of educational initiatives. Linux and Windows administration courses expose students to intricacies of operation systems work, programming skills and software prod ... More

I would like to extend a special Thank You to MIRhosting for many years of our highly productive partnership. You are always striving to grow above and beyond the average and keep your focus on the cutting edge of technology.  I am feeling strongly comfortable to say that all across Runet MIRhosting is by far one of the best DevOps and hosting pro ... More

LBS Corporation

In the past months we worked closely with MIRH and we truly experienced that highest level of professionalism and reliability of their team.  Together we were able to design and develop a new type of CRM&ERP system which is now fully operating from within the cloud platform.  Our joined efforts expanded the footprint of the types of servi ... More


Cloud is a great solution. I just regret that  understanding came to me only now. Before I thought that it is a black hole which will consume lot of money and could match only guys with thick wallet. But in reality I pay 2-3 times less in comparison with dedicated server.

I use the server for several years already. During this time no serious failure happened, all questions got quick responses and appropriate solutions.  I want to express special gratitude to a MIRhosting Technical Support team – always online and ready to work. Wonderful service. Andrey


My experience with Mirhosting has not spanned a lot of months but I'm already convinced by the quality of the reliable service that they are providing. Developing a Rapid Application Framework with the Cloud in mind is not something really easy to do and it does mean that you are constantly pushing the boundaries of the unknown in creative. But in all ... More

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