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MIRhosting cloud hosting
for webmasters, hosters and admins

Cloud platform for rational hosting
Leverage unlimited resources and pay only for what was actually consumed

  • You are getting access to unlimited computing power for your applications, however you will only be paying for the actual resources consumed.
     Pay only for
    real usage
  • Each cloud location is distributed across two datacenters, which would give you an unprecedented redundancy in a scenario when one of the datacenters is completely taken offline (highly unlikely scenario).
  • You can scale your server up or down and create clusters by adding nodes. All setting can be easily changed manually or you can set up autoscaling parameters for the system to execute.
    and clusterable
  • By default you will be provided with daily backup for all of your projects, this data will be retained for 30 days. If required, the frequency of backups can be customized, including making snapshots every hour.
    external backup
* You will be charged for indicated amount only if you use all resources hourly for the whole month. If you use less - you pay less!

If you are looking for a new hosting company to help you with your project you probably have learned by now that there are so many tariff tiers available to choose from. How would you know what is the best tier for your needs and how can you reasonably calculate your future server load? In a traditional scenario you would have to overprovision your VPS and allocate up to 30% of unused power to compensate the unforeseen performance spikes. But why would you want to overpay for something if you can now operate with real time resource allocation?

MIRhosting cloud gives you freedom to use unlimited amount of resources without being locked into expensive over or under provisioned tariff tiers. We are provisioning a fully scalable cloud VPS with unlimited compute power. Your VPS will always be ready to sustain maximum loads without a need to migrate to the next service tier or you can instantly scale down without overpaying for overprovisioned resources. You pay only for what you consume!

Regular VPS

MIRhosting Cloud

Options MIRhosting Amazon AWS DigitalOcean

Hourly billing

No minimum commitment

Multi regions

Cancel service at any time

Pay only for usage

Deploy containers directly from Docker Hub

Enteprise Virtualization Technology

Triple storage redundancy

Automated license activation for software like cPanel

Automated scaling and clustering

Independent Backup and DR service

Cloud hosting advantages

  • No resource limitations
    We do not limit your access to resources. You can provision as much processing power as you will need.
  • Discounts
    Cloud setup allows you to provision resource reservation and pay a fixed discounted price for those resources.
  • Setting your limits
    You can determine
    and lock the highest level of resource consumption which can never be crossed by your VPS.
  • No annual prepayment
    You do not need to pay for your hosting one year in advance, in fact, we are only billing you for what you actually consume.
  • Backup and disaster recovery
    We are running daily backups and retain data for 30 days. If you need to restore your data, this service is available.
  • Management panel selection
    We are offering various single click management panels for various business tasks. Install your management panel and pay your license fee at the end of the billing period.
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Do I need to purchase a separate cPanel license or ISPmanager license for my cloud VPS?

No, you do not need to purchase this license. You can use our widgets to deploy VPS with preinstalled management panel with a single click. Licensing fees are calculated hourly, same as your resource consumption.

Can I use PayPal to pay for my services?

You can use any of the following payment methods without limitations: credit card, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, bank wire.

Will I be able to use SSH to access my container when cPanel is installed in the cloud?

You will get full root access to cPanel container.

What happens if my VPS stops working?

By default you should be responsible for your own VPS instance. However, if the issue is directly without MIRhosting’s scope of responsibility, for example there is an issue with virtualization technology, we will solve your problem if an appropriate ticket is opened. We are also offering VPS monitoring as a separate value added service which is a proactive way of fixing your VPS and all maintenance is delivered by our team. If your VPS is fully gone due to your own action, we can fully restore your VPS image (restore points retained for 30 days) – single restore action is 5 EUR. We can also offer disaster recovery backup as a service for 15 ERU/month which would give you an unlimited self-service backup and restore feature.