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MIRhosting for SMB and mid-market

Cloud platform for all your new business needs
Allocate IT resources for your business without upfront investments

  • You are getting access to unlimited computing power for your applications, however you will only be paying for the actual resources consumed.
     Pay only for
    real usage
  • Each cloud location is distributed across two datacenters, which would give you an unprecedented redundancy in a scenario when one of the datacenters is completely taken offline (highly unlikely scenario).
  • You can scale your server up or down and create clusters by adding nodes. All setting can be easily changed manually or you can set up autoscaling parameters for the system to execute.
    and clusterable
  • By default you will be provided with daily backup for all of your projects, this data will be retained for 30 days. If required, the frequency of backups can be customized, including making snapshots every hour.
    external backup

Business owners want to be able to reduce costs to bare minimum without compromising expansion and growth. Every company requires a set of basic applications in order to be able to conduct business (accounting software, CRM, mail, etc). Investing in infrastructure can become a costly exercise which can take resources away from business development activities. SMBs are operating on a very tight budgets and they have to deal with cutthroat competitors most of the time. We are giving you an opportunity to get the highest level of control over what you spend and how.

MIRhosting is very well positioned to deliver IT solutions for SMB and midmarket. No longer will you need to worry about funding for your infrastructure, we are offering you a model where you will only pay for what you have actually consumed – allocate resources to your tasks in real time and scale down immediately of those resources are no longer needed. We will make sure your data is properly backed up and stored in distributed datacenters to provide an extra layer of redundancy. We will also provide you with an option to roll out or terminate applications with “one click”. Our technical support is available 24x7x365 and is backed up with our SLAs. Give your business the freedom and flexibility that would make it competitive in the modern business environment.

Cloud benefits for SMB

  • No upfront investment are required
    We can help you start your business with zero IT investment. Forget about capital expenses!
  • De-risking
    We are offering a highly flexible IT platform for SMB and startups. If your business requires immediate scale down, this can be easily done without any financial losses.
  • Ready for instant deployment and expansion
    MIRhosting cloud is a perfect fit for all your business IT needs to support your business’s development cycle. We can provision for instant growth seamlessly and without any special preparations.
  • Comprehensive solution
    Our cloud platform can be used as a foundation for all your application needs without limitations0. We are also offering backup and disaster recovery as a value added service to help you keep your mind focused on what is important.
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Frequently asked questions

How is resource consumption measured?

Resource consumption is measured in Cloudlets. One cloudlet is a combination of RAM and CPU processing power, 1 Cloudlet = 128 MB of RAM and 400 Mhz of CPU.
Billing is calculated every hour based on how many cloudlets were consumed.

What are the advantages of cloud based platform over standard application virtualization or desktop virtualization?

There are four main advantages:

  • There are four main advantages: Billing is done on hourly basis and what is mostly convenient only actual consumption of each element of the application is factored in and monetized.
  • Autoscaling feature allows customers to plan for resource consumption spikes related to certain time of the day (close of business day for accountants) or preparation for a marketing campaigns when web traffic can increase dramatically. If it is needed, we can provision container migration or resizing in real time without compromising container performance.
  • Horizontal scalability and clustering any element of the environment can be clustered with a single click. For example, a database replica can be created instantly with immediate synchronization while simultaneously being deployed on a different server or in a remote datacenter.
  • Distributed approach to file storage allows to bypass single SAN storage utilization (single point of failure). Binary data distribution across multiple servers delivers augmented failover and also significantly increases data processing speeds.

Why are containers better than virtual machines?

Among main advantages is absence of kernel within a container, which makes it extremely agile and flexible. Containers can be scaled up or down in real time (for example add or reduce RAM) without compromising performance or triggering a reboot and they are significantly safer (all critical updates are installed by your team).

What kind of special efforts are required in order to add an application to the cloud platform?

No special provisioning is needed in order to add an application to the cloud platform. Any Linux or Windows application can be integrated with MIRhosting cloud orchestration portal by loading it up in recognized/supported format - .WAR, .ZIP, .EAR or via a URL (http:// or ftp://). You can preinstall your application within the cartridge and deploy it with one click if needed.
Alternatively, an application can be deployed or updated by cloning from GIT or SVN repository.