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cPanel as a Service

  • one click install
  • hourly billing
  • automatic license activation

Cloud hosting with ISPmanager 5 for free!

Deploy in one-click a cloud environment with ISPmanager 5 Lite Control Panel.
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Network infrastructure MIRhosting

MIRhosting is primarily focused on orchestration of the stable and reliable IT platform which delivers highly reliable services to our end users.


Currently MIRhosting is servicing customers in the three main locations: USA, Netherlands, and Russian Federation. Our presence on three main continents gives our distributed customers elegant choice of location with instant access to applications without compromising quality of connectivity.

We are also open to discuss your specific needs in other regions that we are not currently servicing!

Unique highly resilient datacenter setup

In each of our home regions we are present in two fully independent datacenters which are connected via direct DWDM and L2MPLS fiber pipes. This setup is delivering the highest level of failover capability – in a situation when one of the datacenters goes fully offline, second datacenter takes over and automatically delivers fully uninterrupted business continuity. Currently this setup is already available to customers in the Netherlands with USA and Russia coming online shortly.

Double datacenter redundancy also delivers specific advantages for our customers:

  • Full server synchronization via direct communication channel between datacenters
  • Complete location independence with separate electrical grids provisioning and building access controls
  • Highest level of IT resiliency and failover capability
  • Highest uptime available

It is important to note that our Netherlands location has the best connectivity with Germany via a direct plugin into Frankfurt and Hamburg (bypassing Amsterdam).


MIRhosting puts a great deal of emphasis on connection between our locations and we are only leveraging the best telecommunication networks which delivery the highest speed of data connectivity between datacenters. (Please consult detailed connections map).


We are very selective when it comes to choosing our hardware – both servers and storage devices. We only work with Tier 1 vendors and all of our hardware is current and fully compliant with.