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MIRhosting Partner Ecosystem is Expanded with LBS High Expertise

LBS Corporation – a leader in CRM and ERP systems integration and MIRhosting – cloud and managed services provider announced a new strategic partnership.

This partnership brings out the best of the two worlds – a combination of infrastructure platform and a final product (CRM).  Today’s business environment is heavily dependent on innovation, business process optimisation and reliable support – everything that the two companies are capable of delivering.  The main objective of the partnership is to provide end users with the most effective and flexible service. 

«We are extremely pleased to start our relationship with LBS Corporation – an innovation company with skills to integrate complex CRM and ERP systems.  In combination with MIRhosting’s cloud, core product offerings are becoming even more attractive for the customers as they now can take full advantage of the flexible cloud platform, remove upfront investment load and reduce operation and maintenance costs by leveraging the virtual infrastructure. I am convinced that our partnership will give customers the best possible combination of product, services and infrastructure». – Andrey Nesterenko, CEO, MIRhosting

«In the past months we worked closely with MIRH and we truly experienced the highest level of professionalism and reliability of their team.  Together we were able to design and develop a new type of CRM&ERP system which is now fully operating from within the cloud platform.  Our joined efforts expanded the footprint of the types of services for our customers which would have a significant and positive impact in the long run». - Bogdan Kizyun, Director at LBS Corporation

MIRhosting is a cloud and managed services provider with over twelve years of experience in the field.  The company’s simple claim to fame is a reliable, flexible and cost-effective cloud platform with the focus on outstanding support.  A well-established infrastructure in the Netherlands and USA supports reliable deployment of any type of IT projects.  MIRhosting is a one stop shop for all IT’s needs – be it a simple domain registration or complex distributed cloud cluster rollout – the company is fully geared to service any type of customers. 

LBS Corporation – leading CRM&ERP systems integrator in the Ukraine.  LBS is using Odoo platform as a foundation for diversified line of commercial solutions and complements this platform with consulting, development, deployment, support and maintenance.

LBS Corporation has over six years of experience in building CRM systems and each employee has over two years of relevant expertise in the field.