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New opportunities with MIRhosting cloud. Release 5.06

This week we upgraded the MIRhosting cloud platform to the latest version, so new features, enhancements and visible changes for all MIRhosting users became available today.

Cloud scripting engine
Cloud Scripting (CS) is a tool developed by Jelastic for advanced automation of repetitive DevOps tasks, complex CI / CD streams and clustering.
CS allows you to predefine platform environment maintenance and behavior in changing environments by associating various Jelastic API methods in operational chains and dramatically reduces the cost of implementing managed services.
Developed Cloud Scripting solutions are packaged and distributed with the Jelastic Packaging Standard (JPS). This is achieved by preparing a manifest file in the JSON format. These solutions can be easily deployed to the platform using the import functions.

Conversion of Certified Stacks into Docker Templates

The conversion of certified software stacks to dockers, following the global trend of implementing this technology, does not limit any of the existing functionality of its own templates and even expands it with the inherent capabilities of supporting Docker containers in Jelastic.
The delivery of new versions of the stack to end users is simplified, where transition to Docker templates provides more flexibility in the development process due to the ability to individually decide whether a specific server update is required and when to perform it (using the inbuilt Docker container redeployment functionality).

OOM Killer Alerts

Out-of-Memory (OOM) killer is a special feature for Linux-based OS, which suspends nonessential processes in the event of a strict lack of free RAM, and instead frees this memory to the higher priority services.

The choice of the process that must be "killed" is based on the principles of losing the minimum amount of work performed and simultaneously recovering more memory. Jelastic by default uses the OOM killer tool in all containers, which allows them to continue working even when the RAM limit is reached.
The updated version of the Cloud allows you to track the activity of OOM killer.
You can adjust the frequency of messages, and receive alerts about the operation of OOM killer by e-mail with detailed information.

You can learn more about those changes and features from within your MIRhosting cloud management panel.