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Cloud hosting with ISPmanager 5 for free!

Deploy in one-click a cloud environment with ISPmanager 5 Lite Control Panel.
License for ISPmanager 5 Lite is free! You save up to 4 euro per month!

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Unscheduled update due to discovered chip vulnerability

In recognition of the major security flaws in Intel processor chips we are currently running an out-of-cycle infrastructure update to address these gaps.
Please expect 5 to 10 minutes interruptions for all hosting services except cloud. These works are carried out during night time (European standard time).
Cloud hosting is expected to run as normal. Certain processes (e.g. VPN usage) might be impacted. In this case containers will be rebooted which can result in downtime of about 1 minute. 
Horizontal scaling is expected to run as normal due to non-concurrent / parallel container reboot.