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Upgrade to Jelastic Shield 5.4 brings enhanced cloud security to customers

Cloud protection got upgraded with firewall management functionality and private network isolation. With Jelastic 5.4 you can now manage inbound and outbound firewall rules on the container level via a graphical interface. Default rules are automatically added to the inbound section to make the node operable.


Also added is an automatic network isolation that prohibits any unauthorized connections between environments. Now you can set up isolated environments within one account. The platform will automatically assign a dedicated IP set of internal addresses for each group. Thus, you get to control access between nodes of each environment.


For developers there is now a possibility to use post and pre-deploy script that simplifies DevOps processes.


Other features and improvements include:


  • Extra Environment Layers for All Supported Middleware Stacks
  • Go Language Support via a Specially Packaged Middleware Container
  • Webhooks for Application Build and Deploy Operations
  • Built-In Web SSH Console
  • HTTP 2.0 Support for Jelastic Shared and Dedicated Load Balancers
  • Cloud Scripting Engine Optimization for Improved Serverless User Experience