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MIRhosting now runs on Jelastic 5.7

MIRhosting is now upgraded to Jelastic PaaS 5.7. Below is a short list of the new features, enhancements and visible changes included in this version.

New features:

- Dashboard Search

Integrated a built-in search panel for the dashboard to easily locate the required elements (environments, containers, deployments, etc.).

- NFSv4 Support

Provided full support of the latest NFSv4 protocol for the Jelastic Shared Storage Container.

- Cloud Scripting Improvements

A possibility to get data (the globals, actions, addons, responses sections) from another manifests using a new mixins directive

Improved conditioning via scripting with the new else, elif, switch actions

Multi-select functionality for the Envlist visual setting (with an ability to set the minimum/maximum number of required environments, delimiter symbol, etc.)

Multiple new functions for data processing (join, toJSON, print, contains, toBase64, md5, fromBase64)

Provided additional logging for the creation/deletion of the CS application

- UI for Direct SSH/SFTP Access Links

Added a dedicated SFTP / Direct SSH Access tab to the dashboard to simplify these features utilization


- Improved the search option for Jelastic Marketplace by including the package description into the search sources

- Updated container firewall rules to ensure the ESTABLISHED and RELATED connections are always accepted.

- UI/UX Amendments: updated captions, visual and usability of some dashboard elements to improve user experience.

- Actualized list of supported OS templates and software stack versions