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MIRhosting Cloud was upgraded to Jelastic 5.7-8.

Here's a quick overview of the changes:
Kubernetes Cluster is available for one-click installation.
Pre-packaged Kubernetes Cluster solution is now added to Marketplace for automated installation within the platform. Now you can deploy Kubernetes applications right on the platform. The complex and time-consuming process is in the past - all required operations are automated within Kubernetes Cluster package. You can install it in one click. 

LEMP Software Stack in one container

A popular LEMP software bundle model is now adopted and implemented as a separate stack container. LEMP is a software bundle solution based on the following components: Linux operating system, NGINX HTTP web server, MariaDB database, and PHP programming language. For the latest upgrade, the appropriate LEMP server was configured and packed into a certified software stack available for installation via the topology wizard. You can now use a wide range of frameworks to deploy web applications, for example, WordPress.

Debian 10 OS Distribution Support

Added support of the latest Debian 10 base operating system for custom Docker containers

Redeploy with Automatic Rollback from Snapshot

A new revision of the container redeploy feature, which significantly enhances operation speed and reliability

Disabling and Hiding Fields via Cloud Scripting.

Two new parameters were added for all of the field types, which can be defined for the JPS package via Cloud Scripting: 
- disabled - if set as true, it makes an item inactive and non-editable,
- hidden - if set as true, the appropriate item won't be displayed.

Actualized list of supported OS templates and software stack versions.

Increased timeouts for operations for the comprehensive solutions (such as WordPress cluster):

 The time limit for the infrastructure components to perform the relevant actions was changed from 20 to 60 minutes.

The platform interface and usability got improved:

- Added denotation about billing period to the post payments invoices

- New modern style for the section’s headers in the dashboard 

- Marketplace packages located through the dashboard search are provided with their respective icons