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MIRhosting Cloud was upgraded to Jelastic 5.9.6

MIRhosting Cloud was upgraded to Jelastic 5.9.6.


New features:

LiteSpeed License Plans

Support of multiple new licenses was provided to give full control over the LiteSpeed instance. For this purpose, all of the LiteSpeed containers (including LLSMP) are provided with the License Manager add-on.

Simultaneous Installation for Multiple Auto-Clusters

The logic for creating environments that contain several auto-clusters was improved to perform the relevant tasks in parallel.

Batch Mode for Mount Operations

In the current release, a batch mode was implemented for the NFS mount/unmount operations. It allows performing actions in parallel, which provides a decent performance boost compared to the previous sequential mode.


UI Improvements

Relocated region icons for better clarity and support for the environment with prolonged names.
Redesigned/reviewed error pages, and added new pages for specific issues.
Error pages redesign.
Collaboration marketplace section (Rocket.Chat, Jitsi Video Conferencing, Mattermost Chat Service).

Container Stop Operation Optimization

The change ensures that container/service stop action is performed quickly and without delays, improving the user experience and general appeal of the platform.

Software Stack Versions Update

Updated list of supported OS templates and software stack versions.


Fixes Compatible with Prior Versions

Bug fixes implemented in the current release and integrated to the previous Jelastic versions through the appropriate patches.

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