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MIRhosting Cloud was upgraded to Jelastic 6.0.6

MIRhosting Cloud was upgraded to Jelastic 6.0.6.

New features:

Tomcat/TomEE Hot Deploy
Added the HOT_DEPLOY variable to enable/disable restartless application deployment for the Tomcat/TomEE servers.

Non-Downgradable Software Stacks
Added functionality for disabling redeployment to a version lower than the current one.

Extended Target Node Filtering in Cloud Scripting
Added target node filtering by OS type when installing JPS update packages.


Traffic Distributor Package Update
Updated the Traffic Distributor package to integrate an ability to connect backends via SSL and to add some optimizations.

Extended Logs in Tasks Manager
Added information from the error’s log field to the response in tasks manager.

Binding Busy Domain Error Clarification
Clarified the validation message when binding a custom domain that is already used by another environment on the platform.

Run.log Logrotate
Added the run.log file to the list of logs that should be automatically rotated by the system.

Software Stack Versions
Actualized list of supported OS templates and software stack versions.


CentOS 6 End-of-Life
Removed CentOS 6 from the list of supported OS templates.

Fixes Compatible with Prior Versions
Bug fixes implemented in the current release and integrated to the previous Jelastic versions through the appropriate patches.


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