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MIRhosting Cloud was upgraded to Jelastic 6.1.4

MIRhosting Cloud was upgraded to Jelastic 6.1.4.

New features: 

Topology Wizard Improvements
Implemented a new flexible topology structure with the possibility to search for the required stacks.

GlusterFS Native Client for Storage Cluster
Provided support for the Gluster Native Client for distributed shared (cloud) storage.

JEM Commands Validation
Implemented error response for cases when incorrect JEM module or action is requested.

Submit Button Customization in CS
Implemented the possibility to customize the default behavior of the submit button in the Cloud Scripting dialogs.

New OS Templates
Ubuntu 21 and Debian 11 OS Templates Support.


Custom Domains Tab Improvements
Reviewed texts and UI forms for the custom domain binding and swap domains functionality in the dashboard.

Apache PHP Redeployment Amendments
Optimized redeployment process for the Apache PHP template.

Deprecated Password Authentication for Git
Added notification about the necessity to use personal access tokens during the Git deploy operations.

Let’s Encrypt Root Certificate Expiration
Updated root certificate package on Jelastic installations to ensure the modern LE root certificate is supported.

Software Stack Versions
Actualized list of supported OS templates and software stack versions


Fixes Compatible with Prior Versions
Bug fixes implemented in the current release and integrated to the previous Jelastic versions through the appropriate patches


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