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cPanel as a Service

  • one click install
  • hourly billing
  • automatic license activation

Cloud hosting with ISPmanager 5 for free!

Deploy in one-click a cloud environment with ISPmanager 5 Lite Control Panel.
License for ISPmanager 5 Lite is free! You save up to 4 euro per month!

Partners program

MIRhosting invites you to join our partner program and earn your commissions without any upfront investments into our existing services.

We are very interested in a long term partnership and we are offering your two distinct programs – “Reseller” and “Referral Partner”

Reseller program - gives you an ability to resell any of our services via your own sales channel combined with your own billing. We will give you a predetermined discount across all of our services and you will control your own margin.

Your profit = retail price – reseller discount

Referral program - this program provisions our link on your portal/website/banner/etc. If a customer places an order with us via this link, you will get compensated for it. Your commission will be stored in a wallet and can be wired out to your financial institution of choice or applied as credit to procure more services from us.

Your commissions breakdown:

Service Revenue/discount Potential revenue/discount


5%* 10% (can be reviewed upon request if business is growing)

Dedicated servers

5%** 10% (can be reviewed upon request if business is growing)


5%* 15% (can be reviewed upon request if business is growing)

**In order to get started as a partner and to get a 5% discount you need to get authorized by the partner manager (typically takes 24 hours to process your request)

*All partner program privileges and rights are available upon registration

MIRhosting gives you:

  • Ability to choose your own way of doing business with us and freedom in switching between programs
  • Ease of joining the partner program
  • Guaranteed payout of commissions for services sold and transfer of funds and/or service credits conversion
  • Perpetual cash flow from the customer as long as the customer stays with MIRhosting
  • Motivation for your customers with our bonuses and incentives
  • SLA driven quality of service for your customers
  • Ability to negotiate custom terms with us if business growth justifies your request
  • Ability to get trained in cloud selling skills and marketing support for partners with high level of sales success

Partner program can be activated from within your account management panel when you are registering online. All you need to do is click the button and fill in a simple form.

Remarks: MIRhosting does not approve use of our referral links in any mass mailers or via any other means of unethical promotion. If reported or noticed, a partner will be permanently suspended and account terminated.

To become a partner
Become a partner easy!
Get registered with MIRhosting program and launch new business opportunities for your business.