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Your cloud partnership with MIRhosting would give you an unprecedented business agility and ability to launch any project instantly without significant investments or commitments. We can provision any service with full coverage of all major elements involved (infrastructure + cloud platform + managed services/technical support), we can also help you leverage your own technical resources. You can market any combination of offered services under your own brand (“white label” setup).

MIRhosting service offering is an ideal fit for those who are looking for something more than just reselling. We are enabling and complementing your business with the best cloud expertise that is available on the market. Grow your business and your customer base by leveraging our highly customizable cloud platform. You don’t need to rely on the old ways of doing business and waste your resources on something that you are not sure would pay off. You are fully disconnected from us from brand recognition prospective – something that gives your business highest return on investment.

Cloud enabled business – instantly

If you don’t have your own infrastructure or you don’t want to commit your own resources at this moment, we are ready to provision ready to use cloud on our own fully redundant hardware platform (you will only need to provide domain name for that). We can also complement your services with “white label” technical support 24х7x365. You are only responsible for finding new customers and promoting your business.

Existing business expansion

If you currently have your own infrastructure our technical experts will install our cloud platform in your location. This partnership model implies that all technical support for the infrastructure will be provided by you exclusively. We can also provide our own technical expertise remotely for your customers via “white label” agreement.

*Partner is not limited to one model exclusively, you can always easily switch between partnership models or use a combination of both. MIRhosting is also interested in setting up a reciprocal mirrored partnership where we would be interested in using your location as an option for our own customers. Such partnership scenario is to be discussed separately and a fully redundant infrastructure availability will be required to match our service level commitment to our customers.


- Proven 3+ years experience in hosting business.
- Your own WHMCS billing system (we will only provide integration with MIRhosting cloud).


All new candidates are welcome to take advantage of our 3 free consultations (total duration not to exceed 2 hours) on how to set up and launch your reselling business. All consequent support will be billed at 30 ERU per consultation (up to one hour per consultation).

Three easy steps to get started

Reward payments

Partner collects money from end user via own payment arrangements without MIRhosting’s involvement. Partner’s billing is integrated with the cloud platform. We will provide you with billing module and will give you access to our technical support until billing is fully setup and ready to be used. We are also ready to provide module development for payment systems that are not currently supported.

At the end of the month MIRhosting will generate a final bill for all actual resources consumed by the end users. This bill will have to be paid within the terms determined by the partnership agreement.

There are no limitation on your end user pricing strategy and you can assign end user prices unilaterally within admin panel. You can also create different price levels for groups of end users or assign individual prices for individual end users. This gives you the highest level of pricing control that would complement your business objectives or support your marketing and promotional efforts.

* MIRhosting will lock the lowest allowable price level within the system in order to prevent negative margins for all parties involved. Partner will not be able to sell below this level.

MIRhosting and Partner are sharing revenue from resource consumption by end users. Partner’s reward depends exclusively on two factors – lowest price level and which infrastructure is being used for cloud provisioning (own or MIRhosting’s). Partner has an option to collect from 20% to 80% revenue share depending on the price of the resources sold and the cloud setup.

Detailed information can be obtained from this link upon registration.

Become a partner
It’s easy to become a cloud provider!
Get registered with MIRhosting program and launch new business opportunities for your business.

What is required


Email address that you provide for registration of your user account in MIRhosting cloud will be used as the main address for the partner platform.


Prepaid user domain name which you will use for management of user's environments (*if you don't have a domain name, you can register one with our help). We also strongly suggest to dedicate a separate domain name for the platform itself - this is to prevent you from being blacklisted as a result of enduser's illegal actions.


Built in billing system is integrated with MIRhosgint cloud platform and it also communicates with other commercial billings (WHMCS, Billmanager, etc) via custom build modules which provide full and seamless integration. All payment settlements will be executed on the partner/enduser level directly.

Each partner before getting started has to be properly registered with MIRhosting and provide required information for activation.

Each partner will get unlimited access to our technical experts during set up stage (custom setup needs will have to be discussed separately). We will also continue working with you and provide you with timely response and support all through the time of our partnership.

Please register on our website or contact us via email marketing@mirhosting.comif you would like to learn more about our partnership program. We are always happy to answer any of your questions.

Become a partner
It’s easy to become a cloud provider!
Get registered with MIRhosting program and launch new business opportunities for your business.

Frequently asked questions

How visible is MIRhosting brand to end users?

Partner will be granted access to own management platform, which is highly customizable and will reflect only partner’s brand and logos. There is no mention of MIRhosting anywhere in the environment. Every element of the management platform (front end, templates, etc) is fully controlled by the partner.

Which locations are available for end users via MIRhosting?

End users will get access to USA and Netherlands locations, soon Russian Federation location will also be available. Any new location that MIRhosting will open in the future will also be available automatically for partners without limitations.

Can customers test the cloud platform for free?

Cloud partner has an ability to provision trial resources to end users free of charge for a defined period of time. In order to activate this option, you need to create a separate group within the management console (call it “trial” group, for example), you set up your own condition on how long this trial will be available to the customer, allocate trial resources, etc. Costs associated with trial provisioning will be excluded from billing at the end of the billing period (it’s a free trial after all) and there are no explicit limits on the number of trial accounts. However – MIRhosting will reserve the right to monitor trial accounts and will terminate trials unilaterally if there is an indication of abuse or unethical resource consumption that is explicitly not related to trial (for example – using trial accounts to mine bitcoins). This is done to protect you and MIRhosting against unreasonable costs associated with abuses by end users.