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cPanel as a Service

  • one click install
  • hourly billing
  • automatic license activation

Cloud hosting with ISPmanager 5 for free!

Deploy in one-click a cloud environment with ISPmanager 5 Lite Control Panel.
License for ISPmanager 5 Lite is free! You save up to 4 euro per month!

Dedicated Servers and Colocation

Innovation IT solutions Corp provides dedicated server services if you need to keep your data in a separate location. This type of hosting setup is recommended for large projects where resource allocation is critical and cannot be interrupted by other applications.

If you are using our dedicated servers, you can be assured that we are providing properly setup and user ready hardware which would deliver the highest level quality of service, performance and reliability.

We guarantee that our dedicated servers offering will deliver:

  • High performance enterprise grade h/w which was thoroughly tested by our technicians prior to set up and going live;
  • Location of your choice (USA, EU/Netherlands, Russian Federation);
  • Dedicated server availability - 99.9%;
  • An ability to deploy unlimited number of individual projects within your dedicated server;
  • Unlimited internet traffic;
  • Full root access control to your server;
  • Backup and disaster recovery tools;
  • Round the clock tech support and monitoring.

We are also offering a measurable SLA for our clients if they require additional service level assurance

Our Benefits

  • A wide range of virtualization technologies
  • Choice of deployment in three distributed datacenters
  • More than 10 years experience in virtualization and VPS technologies
  • Data integrity and backup restoration in case of equipment failure
  • Attractive management panel prices
  • Various levels of technical support availability
  • Flexible and non-restricting tariff plans


(us4) Teb 4 New Jersey USA  Price from$ 120PER MONTH (nl1) Serverius Dronten Netherlands  Price from 90PER MONTH (ru1) 3data Moscow Russia  Price fromP 5000PER MONTH (nl2) Serverius Meppel Netherlands  Price from 120PER MONTH