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Hosting - MIRhosting will provide you with the complete stack of hosting services – from the purchase and/or rental of hardware, enablement of managed colocation with our smart remote hands support, and going all the way to self-service cloud infrastructure for your most complex environments

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Across multiple types of infrastructure (dedicated, private and public cloud) residing in three own locations across the globe (Europe, USA, India) all managed from a central location in real time.

Our managed services compliment conventional cloud infrastructure with additional layer of automation, analytics and proactive problem solving 24x7x365

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Convenient partnership

Convenient partnership

The reputable hosting company with the core business focus outside of Europe. In order to stay highly competitive and offer a comprehensive services portfolio to their customers they decided to have racks in the Netherlands to provide services in this region.  As demand from the customers is growing - they need a good local partner who can provide colocation combined with qualified and fast remote hands.

What we are providing: Private colocation, remote hands with solid SLA, access to tier one hardware as needed, IP Transit and Network transportation, DDos-protection.

What we are providing
  • Private colocation
  • Smart hands with SLA
  • Selling servers
  • IP Transit and Network transportation
  • DDos-protection
Data analytics

Data analytics

The project operating big-data analytic(S) in USA with constantly changing compute demands coupled with a very low latency Google access requirement and need for database redundancy with failover ability for uninterrupted operations

What we are providing
  • Complete redesign and implementation of redundant infrastructure
  • Ongoing provisioning of refurbished and new servers to scale with computer needs
  • Migration of the actively used databases with zero-downtime
  • Deployment and support of redundant cluster
  • Direct peering to Google for lowest possible latency
Gaming and entertainment

Gaming and entertainment

Game studio with remote offices around the world. Need unified storage with low latency to store graphical content accessible anytime from any place by the distributed team

What we are providing
  • S3 storage service as redundant and reliable backend
  • OwnCloud as a frontend solution deployed as a PaaS platform
Revolving Projects

Revolving Projects

An IT consulting company working with international customers. Constantly dealing with highly custom projects with various levels of complexity that require deep analysis, targeted technical advice, development and deployment support

What we are providing
  • Scalable customized cloud solutions for specific projects based on mix of PaaS platform and bare-metal
  • Leveraging of open-source solutions tuned to meet specific project requirement
    For example
    • Combination of Jitsi and BigBlueButton for video conferencing
    • Moodle customization
    • CRM solutions
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