Managed colocation

Full datacenter experience without the hassles of the datacenter logistics - server selection, setup and deployment with post deployment remote hands maintenance

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Leverage our comprehensive approach and experience to build a solution that fits the most intricate need - we will develop a plan together with you for your project and match it with the hardware built to spec

You can take possession of the preconfigured hardware and deploy on-prem or colocate with us and let us manage it for you.

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Server Colocation We will deploy your server(s) in one of our racks, connect to the internet and will give you access to management tools (ilo, idrac, ipmi, mgmt) via tunnel Private colocation A full rack with networking connectivity and power is ready to be used any time when you need it Power Depends on the location and type of the colocation, we can calculate your power usage by metering average watt usage or kW/h based on the usage. Also we can provide a flat power strip connection with certain available power usage IP Transit We will provide internet connection from our mix of the best providers available in the location and/or you can also connect to your preferred provider for additional redundancy and flexibility DDoS Protection We can protect your network against L3-L7 DDOS attacks both manually or via fully automated set up based on your requirements Server buy We can sell you new or refurbished servers based on your requirements. All of the hardware that we are selling comes with at least 1 year warranty / RMA and free shipment and installation Server lease We can also work out a leasing plan for your server and / or networking hardware Insurance We can add additional insurance protection against fire or physical damage if needed Remote and Smart hands Our hardware engineers will be happy to assist you with daily tasks, like rebooting equipment, adding or changing network and power cables, replacing parts or even move your hardware to or from an alternative datacenter
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Public cloud services are not always what you need

For example

  • You need a lot of storage or need to handle some specific loads or have network requirements that are not out of the box - your choice could be a private cloud solution
  • You don't have enough expertise to design, implement and maintain your infrastructure
We can help at any stage to support your requirements at any scale to meet your needs


Public cloud can be very expensive at certain point when you are growing, especially for long term projects

  • We know how to help you cut your costs dramatically without compromising the level of the service
With our refurbished hardware offer combined with warranty which also helps to stay green


You may not be satisfied with public cloud or conventional hosting offers because compute, storage and network resources are shared

With colocation you have your own hardware and networking connectivity
Support level

Support level

Generally speaking - in almost all scenarios - you are on your own no matter what happens

We are providing a complete life-cycle and we take responsibility for unparalleled level of service and support

24x7 a team of qualified engineers is ready to help you with hardware, software or network issues



If you are required to have own infrastructure because of certain certifications or internal policies

We are happy to enable separate access and delineate responsibility roles to make sure all specific requirements are met

Who are our customers
Small hosting providers

You could be using some dedicated servers and would like to go with own hardware, get own ASN number and grow your business. You need an experienced partner to guide you with hardware choices and remote hands support

Middle-Big hosting and network providers

You are already using colocation services but you are stuck with the level of support and the costs of remote hands. If there is a hardware problem it takes a lot of time to coordinate datacenter staff and vendors to solve this problem. You need a qualified semi-own staff to work on-site in near real time and you need a storage facility with spare preconfigured hardware and/or parts ready to ship instantly

Business consulting / advisers

You have customers who need help scaling or reducing costs of their IT infrastructure.  We are not only ready to provide technical consulting but we can also implement and manage everything for you

SaaS projects

To be successful you have to be flexible with your own SaaS cloud offers. Most of the time conventional hosting makes you product too expensive and unreliable

Small hosting providers
Small hosting providers
Small hosting providers
Small hosting providers
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Describe your need by text, online video call or on-site
We will get back to you with our suggestion and cost details
We will take care of everything if you like the offer
Simply tell us when you want to get started
All of our services are strictly SLA driven
Additional services

In addition, you can always count on us if you need any of these services

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Backup and storage services in one of our primary locations
Public cloud service
If you need a temporary access to additional compute or storage capacity
LIR services
Buy or rent IP addresses, get an ASN number, Sponsoring LIR in RIPE region
Hosting software licenses
Hosting software licenses like CloudLinux, cPanel, Plesk, Microsoft and many more at a reduced fee
Managed server services
Our dedicated team of system administrators will assist you with initial configuration of the operating systems and applications complimented with 24x7 monitoring and reaction to the software related issues

Complete life-cycle of your own server infrastructure

A customer can share project requirements with us and we will build hardware infrastructure

  1. Project assessment and planning.  Configuring and setting up servers and networking based on assessment.  On-going consultations and support
  2. Buy or lease hardware from us
  3. Deploying and configuring servers and networking gear in one of our PoPs or datacenter of your choice
  4. Design and implementation of the network infrastructure - IP Transit, network transport services, ddos-protection services
  5. Experienced Remote and Smart hands 24x7 with strict SLA
  6. Upgrades, repairs, RMA, spare parts
  7. Insurance and SLA for the service